Sternzeit Tänze

a signalis zine


Our Zine has been completed.
Vielen Dank, Thank you, 感謝參與

Finished Zine:
[Digital Ver.]
[Printable Ver.]

Sternzeit Tänze Zine ✧ Star Time Dances Zine ✧ 恆星時之共舞

SIGNALIS Is a survival horror game by rose-engine. It can be played on various consoles, find more information here: and we recommend going in with as little information as possible.Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm! Our goal is to provide more appreciation and eyes on a game that has inspired so many people to create. If you have any questions, first check that FAQ and if unanswered feel free to reach out to us on our twitter DM’S!

✧ What is a zine?

A zine, in this context, is a compilation of writing and artwork centering around a specific topic. Multiple artists and writers will be working together to create pieces themed to this topic. At the end of the production time frame, everything will be compiled together into a digital PDF.
Traditionally zines are a small self-published work made by individuals or small groups about all kinds of topics. Our ‘zine’ is more of a fanzine or fan anthology.

✧ Does this zine have a theme?

While the mod team is interested in additional more specific zine themes, we encourage anyone in the meantime to create their own collaborations. Our intention as one of the first Signalis Zines is to make something relatively inclusive and ambiguous.

✧ Do I need a portfolio or previous experience?

No! However, we do expect finished pieces.

✧ Will this zine be printed or sold?

This project will only be produced digitally and will be free to view and download. A printable version will be made available to contributors and any additional media or assets relevant will be provided.

✧ Media accepted
Any visual medium is acceptable as long as it fits within the template provided ( and can be formatted into a PDF.
We are looking into options to include animated forms of art (blender, sfm, 2d, etc).

✧ NSFW level:
Keep NSFW to the rating of the game. Gore is fine, though use your judgement on brutality.
✧ Does a 'printable version' of the zine for contributors indicate a PDF document for personal printing?Yes! All contributors will receive a PDF file in printable format for personal printing, as well as any other media or assets relevant.✧ How many artworks are contributors allowed to make for the zine?
Artists must submit 1 piece minimum, 3 pieces at max. For writers it will depend on how many writers are recruited and we'll determine case by case.
✧ Is there going to be a Discord server for the zine?
Yes! Selected applicants will receive the invite link to the zine's discord server when confirmation emails are being send out by 1st January.

Please format your art to fit into these specifications:
size A5
5.5" x 8.5"
146mm x 222mm
1726px x 2626px
or you can use one of the templates from this folder!